Windows or Mac? The Age Old Question

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With a windows or mac question, we typically follow that up with our own question. “What are you looking to do with it?”. Windows devices are great for tasks like gaming and word processing. Mac devices are great for editing photos and videos. Mac devices also are a bit more user friendly than Windows and we find that many people have an easier time using them.

Windows Pros and Cons

Without getting into too much detail, Microsoft (the owners of Windows) started out as a software company, whereas Apple (owner of Mac) started out as a hardware company. So right off the bat you have a lot of software that works with Windows and not with Mac. Down below we are going to list the pros and cons of owning a Windows Device.

Windows Device Pros

  • Gaming – Most all games are made for windows devices
  • Microsoft Office – The worlds best word processing software and overall business office multi-tool.
  • Business Software – Many business softwares are made for Microsoft

Windows Device Cons

  • Hardware intensive – Windows requires a lot of hardware for standard uses such as internet browsing and simple programs
  • Less user friendly – On a windows device there are a lot of options that a user has. This can be dangerous to the layman.
  • Built more for businesses and less for consumers – Microsoft has been building their computers more and more for business purposes and less about friendly user experience for the consumer.

Mac Pros and Cons

Apple started out as a hardware company and it shows with their ultra sleek designs for both their desktops and laptops. They do cost a pretty penny but are worth every one of them with their amazing user experience and limited amount of customization.

Mac Device Pros

  • Great user experience – Users are not bogged down with a bunch of different settings that they can choose from that can end up bogging down the process of using the device, they also don’t get as many viruses as windows devices.
  • Excellent photo and video editing – Using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Products there is not a better way to edit photos and videos both for consumers and professionals
  • Sleek Design – The apple laptops are sleek, lightweight and very powerful

Mac Device Cons

  • Limited Software – Most software are made with Windows in mind. There are generally “off brand” versions of software for Mac that work similar to the main product
  • Expensive – Mac charges a lot of money for similar hardware specs to windows devices
  • Proprietary charging methods – Apple is famous for using their own types of chargers and plugs. For example, “outside” items like projectors and keyboards take special plugs for their devices. With the dongles costing $30+ to obtain.


Your choice should largely depend on what you want to do with the device. Gamers and small businesses should lean toward Windows and Microsoft. Whereas, less frequent users and digital media producers should lean toward Mac and Apple products.

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Windows or Mac? The Age Old Question
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