Why Your Small Business Needs Microsoft 365!

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Microsoft offers a comprehensive application suite that provides everything a small business needs to be as productive and efficient as they can while using their technology. The office suite includes Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, Teams and more! Your small business needs Microsoft 365 because it can increase productivity, streamline collaboration, and allows you to save money by not purchasing a server!

Increasing Productivity in Your Small Business

Microsoft 365’s biggest differentiator compared to their competitors is that Microsoft 365’s applications can be downloaded to your employees’ computers. This means that they don’t have to have an internet connection to get their work done. This is very convenient if they are traveling for consulting, sales, or business meetings. They can continue to be productive anywhere they go. Another way they are able to stay productive is by using Sharepoint to collaborate and share files with each other and with groups of people within the organization. There is no longer the hassle of emailing files that are too large or uploading files to Dropbox and then sending a link. Everything is in one place and easily accessible. Microsoft Office 365 is the ultimate small business productivity software!

Streamlining Collaboration within Your Small Business

Microsoft Office 365 offers many different collaboration tools. However, there are two that stand out. Those tools are Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Sharepoint. With Microsoft teams, you can share files, information, and video conference with your peers all within a single application. Combine that with hundreds of application specific plug-ins and Teams is an amazing Collaboration tool. Microsoft Sharepoint is the best way to share documents and restrict access to only certain groups and people within your organization. For instance, the owner can share the “Operations” folder with the Operations manager, the “HR” folder with the HR Manager and still have a separate owner folder that is only available to the owner. Combine this with Microsoft Teams’ ability to create private groups and this will help to streamline collaboration within your organization immediately.

Save Money and DO NOT Purchase a Server

Microsoft 365 comes with a basic version of Azure Active Directory. What this means is that you can connect your computers to it via the cloud and have many of the same policies put into place that you would have with your small business via a server. For instance, you can: Secure Administrator rights for select users, automatically install applications, and maintain two-factor authentication all from the cloud! In addition to that, you can also maintain bitlocker hard drive encryption keys right within the Azure portal! This provides you or your IT company with a very powerful tool that is completely cloud-based and requires minimal maintenance.

Increase Productivity, Streamline Collaboration, and Use Azure’s Active Directory

Now that we have discussed all the ways that your small business will win when you choose to purchase Microsoft 365. You should go start planning the specific route you need to take to get your business adopted to this platform so that you too can start to take advantage of the great ways Microsoft 365 can help your business succeed! If you would like to learn more, please let us know!

Why Your Small Business Needs Microsoft 365!

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