Are you having trouble printing? Is your printer constantly jamming? This guide is to help you with a few tips on printing and how to repair your printer. Most of the time the problem is as simple as a slight movement of a plastic piece, to make it work well again.

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Denver Computer Techs Guide to Happy Printing!

1. Make Sure Your Paper Guides are Aligned Properly

This one seems like it is pretty self explanatory to most. However, this is a huge deal when you’re seeing frequent paper jams and offset ink. Generally, there are alignment pieces on both sides of your paper tray that act as guides. These guides tell you how much paper you should be placing in the tray. Additionally, they tell you where to put the paper when you are adding it to the tray. You will want to make sure that these are always aligned before you print.

2. Buy the OEM Ink

Many people buy “recycled” or “refilled” ink. This is a major issue and will serve you well in the short term and leave you cursing in the long term. OEM Ink is built specifically for the printer that you are using by the company that sells the printer. With “recycled” ink your printer is liable to have ink clump and stick where it is not supposed to. This will result in the “print heads” jamming up and leaving you with wet ink and splotches that you do not want when printing out your resume or other items.

3. Spend a Small Amount More for a Lot Longer Lifespan

If you spend just a bit more, for an HP printer like this one ($429.99). You will see it outlive your computer. A product like this with the right maintenance provided by Denver Computer Techs could work for 10-15 years. Versus a product like this one ($49), that is likely to last you 6 months at most. Next, lets do some math, $429.99 for 10 years = .12 cents per day. $49 for 6 months = .27 cents per day. So it will cost you over double the amount of money of 10 years to buy a cheap printer than it would to just spend more up front and improve your print quality and buy a product that is going to be reliable for years to come.

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