Server Support and Maintenance

Server Support and Maintenance is vital to keeping your infrastructure running properly. 

Server Support and Maintenance Package

With our server support and management package, we make sure that servers are patched with the latest updates, secure with managed security software, and backed up. That way if any issues arise your data will be safe and secure. We do all of this with flat-rate pricing.

Downtime Text Alerts

Proactive Maintenance

99.99% Up-Time

We receive real-time text alerts when your system goes offline, this helps us to respond as quickly as possible to any issues that arise with your servers!

We vet and deploy automatic updates to all servers and computers so that they are safe and not vulnerable to any issues regarding old firmware.

We guarantee 99.99% up-time on all server environments that we manage. Ensuring that your equipment is ready to go when you are and you are not waiting around wasting time and money due to technology.

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