Cybersecurity Services

What are Managed Cybersecurity Services?

There are two main ways that companies can protect themselves from Cybersecurity intrusions. The first is to have the proper hardware and software in place to prevent unauthorized access to internal networks and confidential information of the business. The second way is by training your employees to be “Human Firewalls” and keeping them vigilant to Human based threats like social engineering and email phishing. Denver Computer Techs Managed Cybersecurity Services can be your provider to protect you from these intrusions.

Cybersecurity Services We Provide

Vulnerability Assessment

We offer a one-time cybersecurity vulnerability assessment that covers all computers, servers, and network equipment. We will run the scan, report back with all vulnerabilities and then work with you to correct them! 

Cybersecurity Posture Management

Cybersecurity Posture Management is our on-going solution to combat vulnerabilities in real time and address them as they happen. This helps our clients fight day-to-day versus a single one-time assessment.

Employee Cybersecurity Training

We offer UNLIMITED cybersecurity training for all of your staff. In addition we also provide phishing campaigns and dark web monitoring.

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