Denver Computer Techs has a large portfolio of IT Products that we can customize, procure and manage. Ranging from simple laptop computers to complete server and network solutions. If you need to purchase IT hardware for your small business, look no further than Denver Computer Techs.

A Full-Service approach to IT Hardware.

Denver Computer Techs can help you procure the right technology hardware for your business. No order is too big or too small. We will consult you with each purchase to make sure the hardware is the correct fit for the job.

Product Portfolio


We custom build servers based on the needs of your enterprise applications and the specifications of your unique IT environment


We can design and procure brand-name desktops or build custom computers to fit your business's use case


If your company works on-the-go or uses laptops we will procure the desired quantity you need with bulk pricing

Network Equipment

Great network equipment is essential to employee productivity. Cisco Meraki delivers best-in-class networking for small and medium-sized businesses

Data Storage

Do you need Network Attached Storage? We can work directly with you to get the correct size and speeds you are looking for with our excellent Data Storage solutions


As an authorized HP Print reseller we can provide you with best in class printers at competitive prices

Hardware Partners

Have a Hardware Question? Call Us at 303-284-3566

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