If you are reading this, then likely you are wondering why your computer is slow and if this article will help you. It DEFINITELY will help you! But the root cause of most of the issues of slowness in computers is due to older hardware trying to process the latest and greatest content that the digital world has to offer. Lets get into 3 reason why your computer is just not as fast as it once was.

3 Reasons Why Your Computer is Slow

1. Your processor is old

If you are using a computer that is older than 3 years. Your processor could be as many as 6 generations behind. This means that when you bought your processor even if it was the “sports car” of its time. It is now the “Model T”. Processors are VERY important to computer performance and can have an impact if they are old or if they are not getting the proper cooling. (Improper cooling is likely only if you have a custom built computer)

2. You need more RAM

If your computer is relatively newer and it is still not producing the processing power that you need. You can upgrade your RAM (Random Access Memory). For instance most computers come with 4 GB of RAM and many computers today need at least 8 GB of RAM to process efficiently. There are some exceptions but they are a bit more technical and we like to keep these blogs so that the daily user can understand.

3. Your hard drive is still a… hard drive

A lot of computers still come with HDD (Hard Drive Disks) instead of SSD’s (Solid State Drives). This is a HUGE deal when it comes to speed and performance of a computer. Solid State Drives can out process Hard Drive Disks by up to 1000x. This means that a program like Microsoft Word will load 1000x faster from an SSD than from an HDD. If you are having slow loading times and often find yourself waiting this is likely the issue. The good news is most SSD’s are very affordable (<$150).

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Guide to a Speedy Computer

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