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Over 12 million people have had their desktop or laptop computers infiltrated by some sort of virus. It is called a computer virus because it makes your computer “sick” by taking longer to process information and running at a higher temperature than normal. It can then continue to replicate itself from your computer to other computers and even from one file to another in your own computer. Without going into too much detail, a virus is a piece of software that is created to corrupt data and make normal use on your computer virtually impossible. If you have a virus and don’t attempt to fix your computer, you could lose all of the data from the hard drive or worse. Someone else could steal your information and then delete it from your hard drive leaving you at the hands of malicious attackers to get your information back! We at Denver Computer Techs are professionals when it comes to computer services in Denver, Colorado and we have compiled a few ways to help prevent your computer from getting viruses.

3 Ways to Prevent Your Computer from Getting Viruses

1. Make sure your browser is up to date

No matter if you are using Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, they are constantly being updated. When they update you need to update, it is that simple. Because they often close security loopholes and bugs that can cause serious security risks.

2. Only Open Emails from People You Know

In this day and age, the average person receives many emails. Because of this, you find yourself checking your email often. Most of the time, without blinking you open all of the new emails you get even if they are not from a person or place that you are familiar with. This can be a dangerous game, email phishing attempts are one of the main ways people get viruses and malware loaded onto their computers. If you believe that you have received an email from a malicious source, first mark it as spam and then delete it. Make sure that you DO NOT open any links that are in the email. These will likely download viruses and malware onto your machine. For example, if you get an email from “Chase Bank” asking you to submit your email and password. This is likely not a real email as they have all of your information already in their systems. This leads us to our 3rd way of preventing viruses.

3. Be a Smart Browser

Being a smart browser is very simple and straightforward. Only go to sites that you trust and that you know are not scammer sites. Most likely if you stick to googling your websites that you don’t frequently go to, you will find yourself at a trusted website that is safe and secure. That being said, there are hackers out there that are trying every day to stump the Google systems. So this is not a foolproof way but it certainly will help you when doing day to day internet browsing.

Denver Computer Techs

We handle various computer services in Denver, CO from Disaster Recovery to IT Security. We also offer products like Computer Support and gently used PCs. Denver Computer Techs are here to help you get the most out of your information technology. If you have found yourself in the unfortunate situation of having a computer virus, or any other issues, give us a call at (720) 413-8909

Computer Viruses – 3 Ways to Prevent Them

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