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Managed IT Services Provider in Denver, Colorado

Denver Computer Techs is a locally and privately owned provider of Managed IT Services in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on maintaining a smaller, more personable client base in order to maintain the highest quality of service possible. Our techs know every client and every client knows us. We are one of the few computer support services providers that maintain an impeccable reputation in an industry that happens to have a complicated service model. This is a service model that the bigger guys fail to succeed in often due to not realizing that it’s not as scale-able as they think. Our engineers are rich in experience and eager to service the needs of your computer and information technology in Denver, Colorado. Thanks for visiting our website, and feel free to reach out by calling or emailing us with any questions you might have.

Why Denver Computer Techs?

True Understanding of Your Environment

Instead of pushing products and services, we perform a comprehensive evaluation of your business processes within your information technology, letting you decide.

360 Degree Solutions

Our complete delivery to a client covers all facets of the modern office from Overall strategy, Daily Support, Computer Management, Disaster Recovery, 24/7 support, and much more.

1 Hour Response Times

We guarantee that if your issue is not already resolved, you will know exactly why and what is being performed within 1 hour. What does your current managed service provider in Denver, Colorado offer?

Solutions that directly support your business initiatives

Our IT Services in Denver, CO and the surrounding areas are established to combat your business challenges. We increase productivity by eliminating delays with application and network response. Security is improved by implementing our rigorous perimeter and local security model. And reliability is safeguarded with protection and redundancy measures and cost management by providing a flat rate (all-inclusive) program.

Increased Productivity

We will eliminate delays with application and network response. Security – by implementing our rigorous perimeter and local security model. Reliability – by providing protection and redundancy measures. Cost Management by providing a flat rate (all-inclusive) program

Cost Management

We will provide a flat rate (all-inclusive) program so that you know what your total cost of service will be every month.

When I was 11 years old I was introduced to my first computer. I was instantly hooked and found that I have a passion for technology. This passion turned me into my family’s personal computer technician and since then I have had a love technology. My love for technology combined with my eagerness to help people succeed drove me to start working on the help desk at my university and then eventually move on to work as a help desk employee in my professional life. With over 14 years of experience working on computer hardware and software, I have learned a lot about technology and helping people. I wake up every day with the same amount of enthusiasm for technology and helping people as I did when I was 11 years old.

Avery George

Manager, Denver Computer Techs


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